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Explain sources for Historical Books

PLEASE EXPLAIN IN 1-2 PARAGRAPHS IN EASY, SIMPLE, LANGUAGE: Explain the sources for the Historical Books of the Bible.

SIMPLE language please!!!

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In addressing this question I will assume that the concern is not for specific information about the individual sources of each of the historical books of the Bible, since that would require far more space than a couple of paragraphs. Rather, I will assume that the question seeks to understand in a general way the kinds of source materials that have gone into the composition of the various historical books of the Bible. In twentieth century biblical research, this has been the concern of the field of "source criticism."

Considered most broadly, source criticism concerns itself with the various background sources which lie behind the composition of certain biblical books. Such sources include oral tradition, previously written material, liturgical formulas and traditional worship ...

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The sources of historical books are explained. The proportions of the new testaments are given.