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Literary Genres and Social Studies

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a) Explain how the literary genres of historical fiction, biography, and picture books can build students' historical and geographical knowledge and understanding.
b) Explain the rationale behind teaching social studies through integrated thematic units.

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The literary genres and social studies are examined in the solution. It explains the rationale behind teaching social studies through integrated thematic units.

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Picture books have had the ability to place historical events in concepts that kids can understand by providing a visual experience that the kids can relate to through pictures that illustrate the words being taught. With these books, content doesn't even have to possess text for the story to be fully explained as it can easily be illustrated with pictures. These books are published in small sizes that enable children to hold them in their small hands, which is why some use the term 'hand books' to describe these books.

The use of historical fiction for teaching history can assist students by conveying information about ...

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