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literary genres

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What are the differences between a poem and a short story? What can a poem achieve that a short story cannot, and vice versa? n what ways can the genres overlap?

Personal ideas about genre differences are noted.

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As you examine the differences between a poem and a short story, you might note how the conventions differ. Poems, for example, utilize more sound devices such as onomatopoeia, assonance, ...

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Literary genres are compared.

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Recognizing the difference between literary genres. A tutorial and analysis in understanding the difference between drama, poetry, and short story structure and form.

Almost everyone has read a story, poem, or seen a play at some point in his or her life. But if someone asked you to talk about the form or structure of these three genres, your answer may take some time to formulate. Here's a brief description of how to discuss and compare each genre.

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