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    Spiritual Value in Research Methods

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    Read Exodus 31:1-11, Matthew 5:12-16, Matthew 22:34-40. At this point in your reading of the material for this course, you should be ready to answer why research methods is godly.These three passages address the notion of using your skills and understanding for Godâ??s purposes, communicating to others Godâ??s testimony in you, and using the knowledge acquired through the application of those skills to effectively love God and minister to others.

    1. Describe how these 3 passages support the support the statement â??Research methods are godly.â?
    2. Find and describe at least 1 other scriptural passage that illustrates why research methods are godly.

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    The statement, "research methods are godly" may be open for debate as some may view some research methods as sometimes more "ungodly" than godly (e.g., research on human subjects). Nevertheless, research methods may point to spiritual values, and thus I will approach the question from that angle.

    Research helps to facilitate the understanding of religion and religious beliefs of individuals and/or groups. For instance, the relationship between religion, life style and psychological well-being depends on empirical research. Moreover, faith and reason used in conjunction will help researchers arrive at certain truths. Understanding the faith dimension as a method of helping individuals to change behavior helps us expose the truth ...

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    In older adults, the relationship between depression, substance abuse and suicide is often related to quality of life issues and, or the anticipation of impending death. Studies reveal that approximately 93% of suicide victims suffer from significant psychological disorders with the most common being depression (Henriksson, Aro, Marttunen, Heikkinen, Isometsa, Kuoppasalmi et al., 1993).