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Higher Education: Christian Influence, Enlightenment

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◾How did Christian influences affect higher education worldwide?

◾What are two areas of higher education today where the effects of the Enlightenment are still prevalent? What effect did the Enlightenment have on higher education?

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Christian influences have affected higher education worldwide. Christian education has improved the standard of education worldwide. Christian educations have an additional motivation to their work with excellence. They experience the call of Christ on their lives. Another Christian influence is that the university teaches from biblical worldview. God is seen as the source of truth in all disciplines. A Christian influence leads to a positive educational experience for the students. The biblical influence on education also affects the manner, content, and the scope of education. The overall impact is an improvement in the quality of education.
Christian influences have affected higher education because the approach of Christian educators was focused on the development of the whole student. The higher education was not a mind loaded with facts. Christian institutions strived to provide value to students. They ...

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