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    What is salvation? How does our understanding of salvation affect the way we interact with the rest of society?

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    1. What is salvation?

    Depending on what religious tradition, salvation is defined in slightly different things. However, a common theme prevails, one of moving towards a better place or to be saved from certain evils or to be liberated and free.

    For example, the Buddhist, Christian and Hindu doctrines of salvation have many commonalities. The emphasis in each is upon liberation from sin, upon rescue from evil. They all have one goal: a return to the previous state of innocence and bliss. Sin is inseparable from life and the phenomenal world is believed to be the house of evil, to some extent, liberation can be achieved only by renouncing the world. In its purest form, this doctrine appears in Buddhism. However, this has been modified and to some extent toned down in Christianity and Hinduism. In other words, Christianity today recognizes the evils of the world, but still work to promote the love of Jesus to the people of the world ("We are in the world, but we are not of the world" (Christian Bible). In Christianity sin is inherited form Adam and Eve and this is what we are delivered from though Baptism and ...

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