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    3rd Century Christian Persecution and Theology

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    How did the periods of Christian persecution during the 3rd Century cause the Church to think about the doctrines of salvation and the church?

    Key figures in the church history and fathers of Christianity such as Novatius and Cyprian greatly shaped the doctrine of salvation in the third century. Their theology was informed by individuals who were persecuted such as Perpetua and Felicitas.
    This debate on salvation doctrine was crucial as many conformed to Christianity but were not real believers and follower so Jesus Christ. They needed to also deal with the "lapsed".

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    In the 3rd century, there was much persecution of Christians. The following excerpt of Cyprian's , clearly illustrates the mood of the time- "The present confession of the faith before the authorities has been all the more illustrious and honorable because the suffering was greater. The struggle intensified, and the glory of those who struggle grew with it (Gonzalez, 1984, p.82)."

    - In the previous centuries, there was much persecution of Christians which continued into this century. In early 200's, Septimius Severus declared an edict that outlawed Christianity ...

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    The impact of persecution during the third century on the church and its doctrine of salvation.