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    Caribbean Emancipatory Theology: Is it still applicable?

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    What happened to Caribbean Emancipatory Theology? Is it still applicable in the twenty-first century? The solution describes and provides an answer to the problem but also provides the student with ideas for possible essay and research topics in the field.

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    Caribbean Theology, or Caribbean Emancipatory Theology, was articulated and published by such scholars as Kortright Davis and Dr. Lewin Williams in the 1980s and 1990s. The rise of Caribbean Emancipatory Theology came at a time where many British Caribbean states had gained independence and were attempting to "decolonize" theology. This was actually the major emphasis following closely with the discourse that arose with liberation theology in Latin America.

    According to the Caribbean Theologians, the theology that was being taught within Christian circles was too "Europeanized/Americanized" and thus recognized that the Caribbean context did not fit into this Europeanized/Americanized analysis of the Bible. The people of the Caribbean were oppressed during the Slave Trade and during Indentureship and even during the formation of independent nation-states. The context of Caribbean Theology was borne from this oppressed context. From the context of their lives, Caribbean peoples were reading and questioning the Bible in light of the way that they were living. [I use the word "peoples" because the Caribbean is made up of many different racial and ethnic groups that migrated either by force, by indentureship, or by choice.]

    The dominant issue at hand was that the Caribbean peoples needed an indigenous church to expand Christian ideals that would make a significant impact within the region.

    What happened to this theological thought?

    The scholarly work that was published in the late 20th century revealed that the Bible can be applied to the Caribbean for the Caribbean peoples. The theological thought focused on the ...

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    Caribbean Emancipatory Theology is a liberation theology within the context of the Caribbean. It was articulated in the latter half of the twentieth century, however, the thought has not gained any recent recognition. This solution discusses whether or not it could still be applicable today in 1000 words.