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    Understanding Voodoo and African Traditional Religion Retention

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    1. Compare and contrast Herskovits' and Frazier's theories of acculturation. From what you have read so far, how might Pinn refute either of them? How might you? (150)
    2. Describe the differences between voodoo, vaudou, hoodoo--including where these were practiced. (100)
    3. What factors went into the retention of Traditional African Religious theology, customs and practices in various places? Name the places. (150)

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    1. Compare and contrast Herskovits' and Frazier's theories of acculturation.

    Herskovits was one of the central protagonists of acculturation theory. Joao Leal discussed Hersokovits' theory as a "modernist update of early diffusionism." Herskovits argued that African cultural influences on black people varied from the experiences in the United States, South America, and the Caribbean. He believed that African roots were still alive in the African-American subculture; a theory of identity known as "syncretism." This was during a time where the "melting pot" theory was still widely accepted in the United States.

    Frazier's view was in contrast to Herskovits in that he argued that colonialism and slavery stripped African-Americans of any cultural ties to Africa. He furthered argued that this process led to them being labeled as "disadvantaged" (Yelvington).

    How might Pinn refute either of ...

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