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Progression Of Religion And Industrialization

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1. Give an example of an element of culture or society that has progressed, evolved or improved over time, whether centuries or millennia. Is it possible to see religion(s) progressing, evolving or improving over time in a similar way?
2. What challenges do modernization and industrialization pose to traditional religions like those that exist in Africa? What challenges do traditional religions notions pose to modern, industrialized views of reality?

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World Religion

An example of an element of cultural change that has evolved over time can be seen in the rise of social media. Social media first emerge over two decades ago and have continued to evolve. Through online communities like Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, Twitter, Wordpress, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google, Tumble, and Wikia, social media has grown exponentially. Social media offers people many ways to communicate with each other and has become an integral part of life for almost everyone in some form or another. According to a 2012 Nielsen Report, "social networking is truly a global phenomenon".

Driving forces for the continued growth of social media are mobile, i.e., smartphones, tables, and personal computers. 63% of the year-over-year growth in social media is attributed to mobile apps and mobile web accounts. 46% of users use smartphones and 16% connect through tablets. Social media sites have exploded and more features are constantly being added.

Use of social media is evolving through the global living room through twitting and social care, such as ...

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The progression of religion and industrialization is determined. The challenges modernization and industrization poses to traditional religions like those that exist in Africa