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Voodoo dance vs. praise dance

Can someone help me describe the difference and also compare?

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I offer some notes and research as you write your own paper.

As you look at the similarities and differences between Praise Dance and Haitian Dance, known as Voodoo Dance, you need to have a creative introduction to lure readers. You might want to describe one dance as if you were there watching. I like you how you also say that "Dancing is a form of expressing oneself." However, your paper needs to have a thesis or a game plan. You might want to say that "Both Praise Dance and Voodoo dance embody similarities and differences in their historical relevance, cultural expressions, and spiritual goals.

First, both dance genres express historical relevance. Since both types derive from Africa, they cling to cultural and historical notions and traditions. Praise dance, for example, is a type of dance displaying outward visual expressions of joy and thankfulness to God for who He is (source). Many religions use Praise Dance as a form of worship to minister to people.

Likewise, Haitian Dance or Voodoo is also deeply rooted in African Traditions. Voodoo is an African word that translates to â??Spiritâ? ...

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Voodoo dance vs. praise dance genres are briefly compared using research.