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Product Selection

Analyze baseline data that would be important to the iPhone 5 and Just Dance 4.

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The baseline data that would be important to the iPhone 5 is the size of the market. The annual demand for iPhone 5 will be important base data. The number of pre-orders expected on the launch of the iPhone 5 is important data. This data will help Apple plan its production. Also, the market segments that will be most responsive to iPhone 5, the positioning of iPhone 5 that will maximize its revenues, and the characteristics of its target segment will be baseline data that is important to iPhone 5. It is important to know which operating system the customers buying the iPhone 5 would prefer. The software that customers need and will be willing to pay more for iPhone 5 is important baseline data. This baseline data will not only help Apple to develop its product but will also allow it to market it successfully.
The price that customers will be willing to pay on the launch of ...

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