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    Representations of the Internet in Other Media

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    I have recently been learning about the internet and the various aspects of it. I have noticed that there are numerous symbolic and material representations of the internet in other media: movies, news stories, advertisements, etc. This led me to think about how the perception of the internet has changed for society based on these representations. My question begins with:

    1) What is a recent representation of the internet through a form of media as listed above?
    2) What does the representation say and what discourses does it reinforce or problematize?
    3) Does it present the internet as emancipatory or oppressive?
    4) Does it connect to Web 2.0 notions of democratization?
    5) Does it characterize virtual community or online identity in any particular way?

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    A recent representation of the Internet in media is in the Netflix crime drama series The Following. The show involves several FBI investigators and local law enforcement detectives, who rely on separate and inter-related databases and online systems, to pull up data on suspects, track locations of investigators and track historical information. The internet is used for a variety of activities related to the seeking of additional information or to track leads on various crimes and suspects, or victims.
    The use of the internet in the show depicts a vital technology that saves time, helps investigators become more successful in tracking criminals, and solving crimes. It allows for faster inquiry into potential leads and allows investigators to work more efficiently and effectively. Investigators use mobile smart phones to communicate and to keep in contact with each other. They employ GPS tracking services, to ensure each others' safety. The use of the internet in the show depicts a valuable technology that allows working ...

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