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Media & the American Society

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Discuss how much you think U.S. culture influences American media or vice versa, and explain why with specific examples. Remember that culture includes many aspects of life, including food, fashion,sports,entertainment,
education, politics, science, religion and technology.

Must be at least 250 - 300 words.

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Here is your solution. I felt the need to expand it just a little over 400 words being that I wanted to highlight how counter culture emerges into dominant culture & explain how culture is propagated by the Media & how each generation assimilates their own 'brand' of culture. If you have any questions on it, just send me a message. Thank you for using Brainmass.

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Culture in Latin refers to 'the cultivation or growth' of a set of traditions, principles, ideologies, beliefs --- factors that emerge in a complex socialization process involving a particular group of people; these very set of factors inform & influence the way these group of people see themselves and are seen by others making it a huge part of who they are, their identity. American culture has been cultivated from various influences throughout history. Social networks are dynamic; everything is always on the move to influence & be influenced. Not one particular social situation stays put just the way it is. Culture is also situated chronologically, with each generation assimilating from the one before but developing a particular interpretation of their own according to the prevalent trends of their time in all ...

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The solution is a concise discussion of the role in American media in the American Way of Life.

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