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    technical, emancipatory and practical curricula

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    I have been asked to state where I fall on the curriculum continuum, i.e., emancipatory, practical, or technical. However, I don't have a clear understanding of either. I need an explanation of all three. Please cite sources as well.

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    Dear Student,

    Hi. You know best after understanding the meaning of the different types of the curricula, as to where do you fall along the continuum.

    Below please review the basic definitions of the kinds of curricula you listed to get information on and how they are best employed or their attributes.

    Practical Curriculum is curriculum in which the development is based on the principles of learning and teaching according to age and grade appropriate standards.
    The focus is experiential. Lab work or observation is the basis of learning as well as tactile understanding of the objects in the ...

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    Curriculum development for technical, emamcipatory and practical curricula is examined.