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Systematics: Relevance and Relation to Other Theologies

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Based off the definition of systematic theology by B. A. Demarest:

1.) I need a little assistance in better understanding how systematic theology relates to three other well-known disciplines of theology: biblical theology, historical theology, and philosophical theology.

2.) Do you believe that one of any of these four approaches is the more important than the others?

Feel free to pull from other sources as well.


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1. While I would disagree with the author Demarest that "theology" doesn't show up in the Judeo-Christian scriptures (technically speaking it must, for "theos" means God and is used as such in the New Testament, and "logos" means reason/ordering principle and as such is used to refer to Jesus himself), it is certainly true that theology is in many ways the foundation of interacting with what those scriptures reveal: namely, the Judeo-Christian God. Taking the content of the prior sentence, one might not be surprised to find that theology is simply "the rationale (or ordering principles) of God." A pleasant thing about comparing ...

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The relevance and relationship of Systematic Theology, in comparison with many other types of theological practice, is discussed in brief.