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The medieval said the difference between grace and glory is one of degree, not one of kind. Why does hope look more like â??getting to workâ? rather than â??waiting around?â?

Theology Vocabulary. Define the theological terms below. Definitions should be in your own words.
1. Apocalyptic
2. Eschatology/Eschatological
3. Hope
4. Heaven
5. Hell
6. Parousia

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Hope looks like getting to work rather than waiting around because hope is the anticipation of getting positive results to work that is already in progress i.e. one hopes that their ultimate goal will turn out positive when they follow the well thought out plans, following the rules and regulation incorporated to achieve the goal (Cole, 1826).
According to the definition of Aristotle, hope is a possible good that results in the future however difficult it seems to achieve it. Thomas also defines hope as the reliance of an individual to God as the unfailing source of help in terms of difficulties and relying on Him results to getting the expected results (Aspell, 1999). This therefore implies that there must be some certain form of work in progress for one to hope that the results will turn out they way they expected through the unfailing grace and love that God provides.

An example in the Christian life is the hope of the return of Jesus. In this context Christians believe that Christ went to heaven so that He can prepare a place for them in heaven. The Christians believe that their duty here on earth is to follow the laws and commandments that Christ taught His disciples as written in the bible, also to preach the gospel to the rest of the world and also to save souls. Through doing this the Christians believe that one day Christ will descend on earth and judge everyone according to their deeds. According to Christians that day, ...

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