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    When most people are asked anything about the Hindu religion, generally they will be able to label karma and yoga.

    1. How does the caste system tie into karma? In other words, what is the relationship between karma, caste and reincarnation?

    2. How does the Christian notion of Social Justice (helping one;s neighbor) fit with the Hindu concept of caste and reincarnation?

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    (1) How does the Caste system tie into Karma: In other words what is the relationship between Karma, caste and reincarnation?

    The traditional Hindu caste system grows out the Varnashrama Dharma, which is based on birth. For example, the son of a priest can become a priest because his father was a priest; a warrior becomes a warrior, because his father was a warrior, etc. Dharma is one of the most important themes in Hinduism translated in religion, duty and principles of righteousness. The Hindu caste system was divided in a system of subgroups (Dasa, n.d.). Kharma is the collection of good and evil that a person accumulates during their present and former life. It is a concept based on ...

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