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Women's role in Hinduism

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Hi, I need some guidance on how to go about answering the following discussion questions.
Discussion: "Hinduism and Women." Please respond to the following:
- Explain the general roles of goddesses in Hinduism.
- Identify one of the goddesses that particularly intrigues you and explain her role within Hinduism.
- Based on what you have read about how women are regarded within Hinduism, provide at least one reason based on Hindu beliefs that explains a woman's status.

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This solution embraces the role women play in Hinduism, and the effects that their belief in the presence of gods and goddess have on the overall religious system.

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The general role of goddesses in Hinduism is more in the line of being a female counterpart for a particular god. Although there are many names for the gods and goddesses, there are only three major gods and for each one there is a consort. For Brahma, there is Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge; for Vishnu there is Lakshmi, the goddess of love, beauty and delight, and for Shiva there is Kali (Parvati), the goddess of power, destruction and transformation. The three goddesses are worshiped with their husband and quite often in their own right. Some women chose which goddess best fits their own personalities. These feminine ...

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