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    Hinduism's interaction with society

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    What is Hinduism? Can you give a detailed definition of what Hinduism is and how to interacts with society.

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    Hinduism is a religion that originated with the German Indologists in the late 1800's (Vexlandswami, 2013). According to Vexlandswami, they translated the word mata (non-religious), which gave the impression that Hinduism is a "way of life" and not a religion. However, as he points out, Hinduism is a scriptural way of life encompassing virtues such as: (a) good conduct, (b) worship, (c) selfless service, (d) scriptural study, and (d) meditation. Moreover, Hinduism fulfill all the qualities of other religions that share concerns regarding elements of faith, culture, liturgy, scriptures and ...

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    This solution discusses the religion and practice of Hinduism.