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    Organization and Socialization

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    1. In your own words, define a formal organization and its purpose. Do you agree or disagree with Max Weber's stance that bureaucracy dehumanizes a person?

    2.Identify the role of the family in the upbringing of a child, and determine its importance as a primary social group. Identify the characteristics of a secondary group and why it would be detrimental for a primary group, such as a family, to become a secondary group.

    3. How important do you believe social interaction is in the socialization process? Examine and explain the idea of a status, and determine which one you believe is most influential in socialization. Make sure to provide rich, beneficial examples.

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    A formal organization is a unit of people usually within a management structure that is governed by rules, policies, and procedures that guide its functions and operations. This system is directly affected by its internal and external environments.

    Original primary source (there are many authors who reference him):
    Barnard, Chester. (1971). The Functions of the Executive. 30th Anniversary Edition. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

    Another highly referenced primary source is:
    Deming, Edward W. (2000). The New Economics for Industry, Government, Education. 2nd Edition. Cambridge, MA. MIT Press.

    Deming defines the purpose of an organization as "The aim proposed here for any organization is for everybody to gain - stockholders, employees, suppliers, customers, community, the environment - over the long term" (p. 51).

    In other words, an organization is established in order to respond to a need or provide a service to a target population usually for the perceived better of humanity.


    In my opinion, I do not believe that the intention of Weber's model of bureaucracy was to dehumanize people. Weber was responding to a situation where organizations were not functioning optimally and produced a more formalized structure to organization. I do agree that his idea created an authoritative and rigid structure, however, from my own experience, I have observed lack of structure in organizations which result in frustration among mid to ...

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