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    Evolution of Organizational Structure and Socialization

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    How has the structure of today's organization changed from the organization of the past? What is the most significant event in the evolution of organizational structure? Defend your response.

    Socialization could be compared to brainwashing. What are the differences between the two? How can socialization be used ethically within an organization?

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    // Organizational structure is of paramount importance to allocate the role and responsibilities at the work place. In the entire paper; we will discuss the evolution of organizational structure and its transformation. In order to proceed with this; first, we will throw light on the changes occurring in the organizational structure and the major difference from the past structure. Before starting with the paper like this, first, we will briefly describe the organizational structure.//

    Organizational structure is the system of organization that is concerned with the allocation and distribution of power and responsibility. In addition to that, it also defines the reporting relationship among the employee in the organization and thereby, creates an inter-relation among the various departments (Organizational Structure, n.d). There have been drastic changes observed in the evolution of the organizational structure due to the different challenges, roles and responsibilities that have emerged at the work place. In the past, organizational structure was more autocratic wherein, all the major authority was delegated in the hands of the higher level executive. The main responsibility associated with the designation of an executive is to decide production goals for the line manager. ...

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