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    Interaction of Nature and Nurture in Development

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    What are some examples in various domains of development (such as emotional, language, cognitive, motor, etc.) where we can clearly see how the interaction between nature and nurture shapes development? Not just how nature and nurture affect different aspects of development, but the actual interaction of the two.

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    Different domains with examples:

    1. Behavioral/Emotional development- a) sexuality and gender appearance: biological (nature) we are born a gender. We come with some instincts of mothering, care giving, and relationships; Society (nurture) we are taught what that gender 'should' look and at like. Media and retail businesses have designed femininity and masculinity appearances regardless of what we feel ...

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    This solution provides short examples of two domains in psychology that could address nature versus nurture and possible founders. The two domains discussed are behavioral and emotional development and cognitive development. It discusses psychologists such as Piaget, Bandura, Skinner and Chomsky.