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English composition focus on human behavior, applied science

1. The social sciences focus on human behavior such as politics. A paper on such a topic should include _______.

A. experimental results
B. results of recent medical trials
C. archaeological findings
D. speech quotations

2. _______ would add valuable support to a paper from an applied science discipline.

A. Charts and tables
B. Emotional reactions
C. Literary criticism
D. Expert testimony

3. One of the purposes of academic writing is to _______.

A. challenge the methodology of the discipline's practitioners.
B. share your personal experiences.
C. encourage your reader to draw his/her own conclusion.
D. persuade your reader to accept your conclusion.

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1. Experimental results are possible because there is statistical testing done in social sciences. Results of medical trials are probably not a good fit since this is usually a science based research test method. Archaeological findings are also a good fit, better than experimental because archaeological findings are part of anthropological studies. It can be scientifically based as well. Speech quotations are usually strictly a social science or literary interest. Speech quotations for a subject such as politics (political science) are the best ...

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