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    Media Theory

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    The challenge here is to begin to determine the connection between the history of communication theory and how it may or may not tie into the notion of a global community and new media. Discuss the media theory of composition and how it provides the genesis for the information age and the application of new digital technologies.

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    The media theory of composition concentrates on how writing is created, keeping in mind the tools and mediums used in the composition process. Teachers of composition are required to teach writing for a number of new venues with several new technologies. An important application of this theory is to the new media where writing can mean writing web-sites, presentation material, electronic mail, online conferencing, or entering data into database.

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    The media theory of composition provides the genesis for the study of how different media affect the rhetorical strengths and weaknesses. Computers have been used as ...

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    This solution explains one media theory in the context of new digital technologies. The sources used are also included in the solution.