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    Social cognitive theory's effects and modeling

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    Discuss the topic of modeling and why we should be concerned about the content of television programs and films.

    Support your discussion with scholarly references.

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    Recently, my typically shy, docile, young nephew started acting more physically aggressively toward his peers and also toward adults. When trying to pinpoint the source of this change, we learned that he was watching more adult action movies and engaging in violent video games recently when he was with another relative. This example shows that social cognitive theory and modeling hold the potential to strongly influence kids' and adults' behaviors.

    Modeling offers a blueprint to instruct kids on what is normal, how to react, and other responses, which leads me to be concerned about the content on TV, movies, video games, and other media modes.

    Research shows that Social cognitive theory provides "an agentic conceptual framework within
    which to analyze the determinants and psychosocial mechanisms through which symbolic communication influences human thought, affect and ...

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    Social cognitive theory's effects and modeling are briefly discussed in terms of media.