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I am looking for assistance on locating a study that uses critical theory perspective. The article must identity these areas:
1. What methodology did the researchers use in the study?
2. How is the methodology consistent with the philosophical assumptions of critical theory:
3. What social action resulted from the study.

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Solution Summary

The solution provides insight and advise in tackling the set task in the original problem (see above). A study that uses the critical theory perspective is provided and then analysed to show the methodology used, its consistence with philosophical assumptions of the critical theory and the social action that resulted from the study. Bibliographic details of the study is also listed. Additional references are included for further exploration of the topic.

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Dear Student,
The solution below uses a critical study published by Colorado University. It should suit your needs. As always if you have any questions, just let me know via the feedback section. Good luck!

OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

Critical Theory Application Review

? Article/Study: "Critical Theory and Constructivism: Theory and Methods for the Teens and the New Media @ Home Project"
? Author: Lynn Schofield Clark, Ph.D.
? Institution/Publisher: University of Colorado in Boulder
? URL: http://www.colorado.edu/journalism/mcm/qmr-crit-theory.htm
? Date of Access: 26 May 2011

This particular study uses the critical theory side by side with a constructivist perspective to study and analyse the purpose and results of a particular project that investigates how teens utilize and cope with what the author defines as 'new media' (digital and easily available media products) in a home setting. Clark believes that a study like this is essential as it will help in understanding what she deems as the 'digital divide' for the current generation of teens are far more adept at handling, manipulating and consuming new media (i.e. trends and information provided via the TV or game consoles) but most particularly media that comes in digital form through the advent of the internet and computer and related gadgets. In particular, this study which focuses of the home consumption of new media seeks to investigate how the internet inhibit or promote freedoms or injustice. This particular study in media research also concerns itself with the influence of social structure on media consumption with social lines influencing and delineating tastes. What is of interest is the overlap which shows how certain aspects of the media can crossover ethnic, age and socio-economic groups.

The use of constructivism and critical theory here is unique for Clark sees each theory as the opposite of the other. Constructivism is humanist in that it believes that truth is a social construction and is dependent upon the perspectives of culture. It utilizes ...

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