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    Research on Violence against Women

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    Methods of Researching Violence Against Women

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    Methods of Researching Violence Against Women

    The phenomenon of Violence Against Women is a social issue that is of great concern to society. Violence experience by women in the hands of others due to their sex, gender, social status, race and other attributes are criminal, immoral and unethical from a Humanistic viewpoint. The International courts and the UN have put together principles in place to protect women from violence of any form. To understand the issue, research must be undertaken. The issue itself being broad, it is difficult, at times, to ascertain the extent of the research. The research, of course, is also subject to many constraints like budget/funding, manpower, availability of respondents, legalities, mobility of the researchers, etc. But, as it stands, there are 3 available research methods that can be used, qualitative methods, quantitative methods and mixed-methods research. Qualitative methods focus in collecting as much detail as possible. The result is a messy collection of accounts and data sources from text, video, audio and other published materials. From this an ethnography can be put together that can provide in-depth details on the experience of women subjected to violence. A quantitative study relays on statistical and quantifiable evidence, facts that can be measured to ascertain the damage and effect of the phenomenon. For example, statistics of violence against women from Law Enforcement can be used to determine the occurrence and frequency of the phenomenon in a particular area, state, city or region to ...

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