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    Social Presence Theory, Ecommerce Promotions

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    Suggest ways that business can use the Social Presence Theory to promote more effective communications with customers through marketing.

    Discuss two web-based promotional techniques. Provide advantages and disadvantages of using each.

    How has the advent of the Internet created opportunities for marketing?

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    How can you use the Social Presence Theory to promote more effective communications with customers through marketing?

    Definition of Social Presence Theory:
    "The degree of salience of the other person in the interaction and the consequent salience (and perceived intimacy and immediacy) of the interpersonal relationships".
    Communications media differ in their degree of social presence, and this is one factor that molds interaction.

    (source: http://web.njit.edu/~hiltz/CRProject/Vc_video/tsld004.htm )

    Social Presence Theory was founded in 1976 by Short, Williams and Christie. This approach is the groundwork for many theories on new medium effects. The idea is that a medium's social effects are principally caused by the degree of social presence which it affords to its users. By social presence is meant a communicator's sense of awareness of the presence of an interaction partner. This is important for the process by which man comes to know and think about other persons, their characteristics, qualities and inner states (Short et al., 1976). Thus increased presence leads to a better person perception.

    (source: http://www.tcw.utwente.nl/theorieenoverzicht/Theory%20clusters/Communication%20and%20Information%20Technology/Social_Presence_Theory.doc/ )

    Social presence theory helps in promoting effective communication to customers/ by help in chosing an appropriate media technology to communicate. The idea of social presence helps explain the "personal," one-on-one feelings audience members experience when they consume mass media products. Social presence is best described as the degree to which participants are believed to be jointly involved in the communication process. help provide the framework for examination of strategic messages, media channels, and target publics. Public relations and marketing professionals must understand proper formulation of a ...

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