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    Social Presence Theory

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    How can you use the Social Presence Theory to promote more effective communications with customers through marketing?

    Discuss two Web-based promotional techniques. Provide advantages and disadvantages of using each.

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    Social presence is the feeling that audience members experience or don't experience of being involved in a communication interaction when using mass media (Papacharissi & Rubin, 2000). Short, Williams, and Christie (1976) regard social presence as being a variable in mediated communication. Social presence affects the way individuals perceive mediums and people whom they receive messages and communication from. The amount of social presence varies among each type of medium. Because of its lack of nonverbal cues, computers have been found to have less social presence than other mediums (Papacharissi & Rubin, 2000). Social presence has also been expanded to include the appropriateness of different mediums for sending different types of messages (Rice, 1993).

    Social presence, thus, helps in chosing an effective media for ...

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    Social Presence Theory