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    What is the cause for the backlash against feminism?

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    The backlash to feminism (the "f-word") is often media based. Which sociological theory do you think best explains this backlash - is it Functionalist theory, Conflict theory, Symbolic interaction (or interactionist perspective), or Feminist theory? Suggest strategies consistent with the theory you select to alter this perception.
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    The claim that the backlash against feminism is often media based is debatable. My perspective would be that the media more often portrays feminism in a favorable rather than an unfavorable light. Entertainments shows, talk shows and reality shows all seem to portray feminism favorably. I would argue that the backlash against feminism begins, in many cases, with other women. Many women are tired of being told that they can have it all and that in order to have it "all" they need to sacrifice motherhood or domesticity. I have recently been reading a book called In Praise of Slowness by Carl Honoré. Consider these quotes from that book:

    "Women are especially eager for work-life balance. Recent generations have been reared to believe it is their right and ...

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    This post examines the alleged media backlash against feminism. Does such a backlash exist and what are its causes? The symbolic interaction theory is used to briefly explain this phenomenon. Over 500 words of original text.