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    Acts of Terrorism and Fear

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    Identify the main terrorist threats in Detroit Michigan.

    Explain the type and nature of the terrorist threat.

    Describe the possible targets of the terrorist threat.

    Evaluate the impact the attack would have on the targets and the surrounding populations.

    Explain when it is an act of terrorism and when it is not. Explain whether governments commit acts of terror as well.

    Explain how political persuasion or coercion is different from traditional terrorism. Evaluate the events or circumstances that led to the creation of the concept of political terrorism.

    Analyze whether or not criminal acts of violence against specific groups can be considered acts of terror. Analyze whether or not intimidation for personal gain can be considered acts of terror.

    Analyze whether or not ideological advancement is a just explanation for acts of terror.

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    Let's define Terrorism and the acts pivotal to terrorism - this is about dominance and submission. The act of power and control, to target a group for the sake of an outcome. In the article for this week's discussion "Report on Hate Crimes & discrimination Against Arab Americans: The Post-September 11 Backlash", FBI director Robert Mueller stated "FBI stand prepared to take strong and immediate action against hate crimes in the event of any anti-Arab backlash to world events." Unfortunately, once the FBI gets involved, I believe that it is already too late. Individuals and groups believe that violence directed at Muslims is still acceptable 10 years after 9/11 feel this way because the terrorist attacks changed America forever. We only saw terrorism as events that took place in other countries. We never believed that such atrocities could take place here. For this reason, it made many fearful of further attacks right here on American soil. And since we cannot decipher "good" Muslims from "bad" Muslims, they are ALL terrorists. But there have been anti-American idealists (Timothy McVeigh) before 9/11. No one is ...

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