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Terrorism Categories and Alert Systems

Construct definitions for the following ideology categories of terrorists:
- Anarchist
- Anti-Globalization
- Communist/Socialist
- Environmental
- Leftist Nationalist/Separatist
- Racist
- Religious
- Right-Wing Conservative
- Right-Wing Reactionary

Create a report that includes an alert system to warn of dangers from these groups analyzing:
- The problems with the existing alert system
- The ways to check terrorist attacks
- The nations which are at most risk
- The terrorist groups that are most active at present
- Included a world-wide risk scale using the combined threats of these groups in the report.

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Construct definitions for the following ideology categories of terrorists:
Anarchist: Represents those who attempt to cause governmental chaos and public fear through the use of violence, riots, and other tools that seek to instill public uprisings.

Anti-Globalization: This is not a terrorist group but rather an ideology wherein those who oppose globalization may do so because of the rising poverty rates in countries that haven't benefited from globalist policies. When Anti-Globalists mass, anarchists are those who infiltrate "normal" rallies and engage in bombs and other forms of terrorism.

Communist/Socialist: This is not a terrorist group, communism is practiced in Vietnam and China, neither of which is on any terrorism list. Socialism is practiced in many European countries such as France, and is not a form of terrorism.

Environmental: Environmental terrorism is a form of "homegrown" terrorism in the United States wherein groups engage in bombings, fires, and other acts of crime for environmental purposes in an attempt to save the ...

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