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Characteristics of Terrorists

How are terrorists different from the common people? What are some of their demographic, social, and personalty characteristics? Give examples.

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Who are the Terrorists?

We have a stereotype of what a terrorist is from our recent experience of the Global War on Terror and 9-11. They are radicalised individuals and follow a particular political or belief system that justifies the use of violence and destruction in their minds. This is what separates them from the 'common' man. They are a subgroup in a pluralist society that feel marginalised to the point of lashing out or to seek for justice from the perceived hostility and marginalization by the great group/greater society. The common man would see violence and terror as illegal, deviant and criminal. The use of terror and violence to hold a people hostage does not enter the psyche and conscious of the everyday individual for such a position is extreme. To truly see how different a terrorist is from an ordinary citizen let us discuss what drives and creates terrorists. Terrorism as a means of forwarding personal, tribal, political and religious agenda through violence is older than the human concept of nation-states. The history of terrorism is ...

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