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warriors of Islamic terror

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Discuss TWO distinct characteristics of warriors of Islamic terror.

Identify and discuss two issues relevant to women and Islamic fundamentalism.

Please list references.

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This solution helps explore and characterize warriors of Islamic terror.

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Two distinct characteristics of warriors of Islamic terror are that they are (1) religious fundamentalist and (2) nationalists. Islamic fundamentalists view Sharì'a (Islamic law) as God's revealed law for humanity, which is a transcendent ideal. The specific objectives and goals that concern Islamic fundamentalists who are terrorists concerns their worldview, such as the bipolar concept of good versus evil, seeking the pleasure of God, salvation from hell, and the notion of us against them. This is the religious rhetoric which has been at the heart of the terrorist's propaganda. They recite and quote the Holy Qur'an. Their young agents the suicide bombers, men in most instances, go to their deaths with the promise of a paradise. They see it as a battle - a jihad - against the Crusaders - the very terminology drawing attention to the medieval battles between Christians and Muslims for Jerusalem. They oppose the beliefs of their fellow Muslim citizens who stress the peaceful nature of Islam, and tell them that the Holy Qur'an did not condone such violence, that jihad, far from being the word for a Holy War, and was nothing but the struggle to lead a good life (Arena & Arrigo, 2006; Eagelton, 2005).

In addition to being Islamic fundamentalist, terrorists are ...

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