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China, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Australia and the rise of terrorism

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1.) Explain how the People's Republic of China has managed to control the spread of terrorism within their borders. Has the Chinese Government attempted to control religious groups? Have they been successful? Why or why not? (200 Words)

2.) Will the spread of Islamic extremism have any substantial effect on the people of Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia or the Philippines? Please discuss why or why not ? (200 Words)

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Overview of the ways China prevents terrorism and how Islam and Islamic extremism affects the four countries listed. References are provided. Information is based on the questions of the assignment.

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I have outlined the response using the questions.

China has worked to prevent terrorism, both external and internal through tight control of its policies and law enforcement. China limits the people entering the country through background checks and suspected problem makers are watched carefully. The Chinese do not have problems arresting people on suspicion. They also do not have freedoms like other countries, keeping prisoners away from the public and representation. The laws are strict.

A recent terror attack in Tiananmen Square, left two tourists dead along with three of the people in the car that was used as a weapon. The Chinese immediately arrested suspected terrorists cohorts from Northwestern provinces. (Jiang, 2013)

China is proactive in terms of prevention of terrorism. The biggest concern for China is nuclear attack, so their efforts are to prevent unknown ...

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