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The Impact of Terrorism on South East Asia's Economy

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Analysis the impact of terrorism on the economic well being of South East Asia on:
- current trends and activities of terrorist and terrorism related activities in South East Asia,
- the countries specifically implied and are affected by terrorism activities,
- what mitigation action taken by various South East Asian government to control terrorism activities,
- the role of ASEAN in this terrorism threat,
- suggest further action that need to be taken to reduce economic uncertainties caused by terrorism activities.

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Current trends and activities of terrorist and terrorism related activities in South East Asia:
The threat of terrorism has increased in Southeast Asia, specifically in Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines. These areas are particularly vulnerable because of their large population, ethnic and religious diversity, and history of sectarian conflicts. This region has developing states which make the area more vulnerable to transnational threats. There are several Southeast Asian guerilla and terrorist groups that possess substantial maritime capabilities. One of the most successful groups has been Abu Sayyaff group which carried out maritime terrorist attacks in Southern Philippines, Manila, and East Malaysia. In South East Asia, the ports are vulnerable to terrorists attacks. Cargo is re-routed, leading to serious problems of tracing and identification. An important trend is that long running Muslim insurgency in Thailand has increased. ...

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The response provides you a structured explanation of economic devastation caused by extremist activities in South East Asia . It also gives you the relevant references.

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