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    Brainstormin global strategies

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    Brainstorm of:
    What political factors explain Indonesia's poor economic performance? What economic factors? Are these two related?
    Why do you think foreign firms have been exiting Indonesia in recent years? What are the implications for the country? What is required to reverse this trend?
    Why is corruption so endemic in Indonesia? What are its consequences?
    What are the risks facing foreign firms that do business in Indonesia? What is required to reduce these risks?

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    Here is a discussion which should answer most of your questions. Those unanswered or that need more information, you can use the resources noted to complete.

    Indonesia is an island nation. It has millions of people and is the largest Muslim population. It has many resources and is one of the two most important nations for biodiversity, after Brazil, in the world. However, the history of Indonesia also includes colonization, disasters, corruption and violence.

    Indonesia is considered Southeast Asia's biggest economy. Indonesia has services and industrial areas. However, most of the population is employed in agriculture, one of the lowest wage industries. The poverty level is extreme and there is dissatisfaction with the government and the system of economic advancement. Indonesia is victim to external issues, such as the Asian Financial ...

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    A discussion on political and other conditions in Indonesia.