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    Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies

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    There are different opinions concerning whether it is better for MNEs to develop global - one size fits all - corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies, or whether they should adopt decentralized, 'local' CSR strategies.

    A global strategy may help to communicate a worldwide CSR culture and maintain uniform standards but may also lack responsiveness at the local level.

    On the other hand, a local strategy could be fragmented and misaligned with other local strategies of the same company.

    Moreover, when the country has lower CSR standards than the company's home country, there is a risk that decentralization will lead subsidiaries to target those lower standards rather than the higher standards expected in their home countries (Muler, 2006)

    What are your thoughts?

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    According to my opinion, MNEs should adopt decentralized and local strategies those are appropriate with a nation's culture and business environment. The nation based CSR strategies assist to cover local customers and society effectively (Mallin, 2009). It leads to increase market share in particular nation and overall organization success.

    In contrast, ...

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