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Approaches to Corporate Social Responsiblity

Go to http://www.gapinc.com/public/SocialResponsibility/socialres.shtml

Read about Gap's vision of social responsibility.

Next, go to http://www.mallenbaker.net/csr/definition.php

Read about corporate social responsibility.

What do the sites indicate about current corporate social responsibilities?

Please help me answer in a couple of short paragraphs and cite sources in APA format. Thanks!!!

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Social responsibility involves taking measures that improve the lives of others, whether more locally or on a global scale. It can involve taking steps to directly improve living conditions, adopting initiatives that lessen the physical impact on the environment or any combination of efforts. Mallen Baker defines social responsibility in terms of the overall impact or big picture within the business environment. He defines corporate social responsibility as "processes to produce an overall positive impact on society" (mallenbaker.com, nd). While both Gap and ...

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The solution provides a discussion of two different approaches used in addressing corporate social responsibility. One view is from a corporate strategy used by Gap, Inc, while the other is discussed from a general view of how large corporations should develop strategies to address social responsibility, by considering the total positive impact the organization can have on all stakeholders.