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    Terrorism vs. Sabotage

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    Think about the goals and motivations of terrorists versus those of saboteurs.
    Are both acts of terrorism and acts of sabotage always premeditated?
    What or whom do terrorists and saboteurs target?
    Is the country more prepared for sabotage, or is it more prepared for a terrorist attack? Why?
    Do you think that sabotage is something that the general population thinks about? Why or why not?
    Do you think the city of Palm Coast is more vulnerable to terrorism or sabotage? Why?


    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has just learned that the city of Palm Coast lacks a sophisticated emergency response plan in the case of a terrorist attack or catastrophic event of any kind. The DHS considers Palm Coast to be especially vulnerable to terrorist attacks and catastrophic events because of its complex transportation infrastructureâ?"intersecting the city are major interstates 95 (from north to south), A1A (also from north to south), and SR 100 (from east to west). Now, the city has come under the scrutiny of the DHS; the DHS is forming a project to analyze and restructure the city's emergency response preparedness.

    You recently graduated from a prestigious university as a terrorist expert with a Masterâ??s Degree in Homeland Security, which is a relatively new degree to the nation; most scholars are not even aware of what people study to obtain this degree. Because of your prestigious education in the fields of terrorism and homeland security, you have just been hired by the DHS to contribute to the Palm Coast project.

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    Interestingly enough, I live less than 10 miles from Palm Coast. It is a relatively new community/city and is not the main center of anything, except some golf. It does however have both I 95 and A1A running through it, connecting the entire East Coast from Maine to Miami. It also is less than one hundred miles from Jacksonville, FL with two major naval bases and Kings Bay is just over one hundred miles away with a major submarine base. More importantly it is a connecting road between several important ports that are both commercial and ports for cruise ships.

    The road that runs east and west is a simple two lane highway. However, it is not the only two lane highway in the area. There are several that run north and south and several that run east and west. One road not mentioned is U.S. Highway 1 that also runs up and down the East Coast of Florida.

    The city is small and so is the county seat of Bunnell. The residents are mostly country people, snow birds (a term used for those people who come from the north and Canada for the winter months), and transplants. There is little tax base in the county beyond property taxes by residents. ...

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