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Domestic terrorism and extremism

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1. What can be said of the relationship between extremism and terrorism? Are all terrorists extremists? Are all extremists terrorists?
2. Define terrorism. Why is there a broad approach to constructing a definition of terrorism?
3. What is the difference between "terrorism from above" and "terrorism from below"? When or under what circumstances does each type of terrorism (above and below) take place?
4. What are the tools of terrorism? Explain them.

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1. According to the text, what can be said of the relationship between extremism and terrorism? Are all terrorists extremists? Are all extremists terrorists?

Extremism is a form of radicalism that looks towards using terror tactics to forward an ideology and belief. 'Extreme' because those perpetuating it are willing to go far beyond reason and as the case with extremists, there is no 'negotiation' for even in their own societies, their beliefs are not popularly shared (i.e. the Sunni & the Shia Muslim sects question the radical beliefs and motives of the Al Qaeda, for example). This is the label given to 'Muslim Extremists' like the terrorist groups Al Qaeda (9-11 terrorist attacks on US soil) and Jemiyah Islamiyah (Bali Bombings). Their target is to inflict as much damage as possible despite the fact that mostly, they lack the means to power & to obtain their ...

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