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    Terrorism: Hate Crime and Extremism

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    What are hate crimes? Can they be considered as acts of terrorism? Illustrate your response with examples.

    Define extremism and explain how it relates to terrorism. Do you think they are the same? Explain why or why not. List some characteristics of extremists that resemble characteristics of terrorists.

    How is terrorism defined in the United States? How does their definition differ from the rest of the world? Why does this seem to be?

    Can terrorism ever be justified? Provide reasoning. What do you perceive as the problems with arriving at a universal definition of terrorism?

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    Are hate crimes acts of terrorism? Why or why not? Provide examples to support your response.
    It depends on the reason for the hate crimes. Sometimes they are just crimes, performed out of fear or ignorance. Other times they do have the purpose of controlling another group by fear. Defining a hate crime means to define a singular event or crime.

    Terrorism seems to be used in a vastly more overall form, taking into account all the acts committed in the name of some alleged or real wrong committed against a person or group. For example, in a neighborhood, a single crime against another person, done out of hate because the person was alleged, in the perpetrator's mind, to have done something not because the person was human, but because they were part of another group, different from the person committing the crime. If a black family moves into a previously all white neighborhood and someone burns their house down, it would be considered terrorism. Terrorism is a hate crime, perpetrated on a large scale to intimidate a group. It is almost as though we can say all terrorism is a hate crime, but not all hate crimes are terrorism.

    How important is extremism in defining terrorism? Why? What are the characteristics of extremists that make it easy for them to resemble terrorists?
    Extremists are people who are hold political views or religious views that border on extreme, often to the point that others holding like views do not recognize the views held by their extreme members. They are fanatics, turning the political or religious holdings into fantasized versions of what they originally were. So, ...

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