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    Causes of Violent Crimes Compared to Terrorist Motivations

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    1. Subject Violent Land response to the critical thinking for criminological enterprise

    2. Compare and contrast crime and terrorism
    Resources: Http://www.state.gov/s/ct/rls/fs/2002/12535.htm
    Locate an example of a terrorist organization from the Foreign Terrorist Organization List. (http://www.state.gov/s/ct/rls/fs/2002/12535.htm

    Research chosen terrorist organization further, using reputable sources from the Internet.

    Explain the motivation of the selected terrorist organization
    How can this knowledge of the terrorist's motivation assist in planning counterterrorist strategy?

    How do the motivation of terorists differ from the motivations of other violent criminal such as those who commit murder, rape and domestic assault?

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    Analyze the cause of violent crimes/compare and contrast crime and terrorism
    1. Subject Violent Land response to the critical thinking for criminological enterprise
    Violent crime is horrendous and is localized and focused on a specific objective, on the other hand terrorism is indiscriminate, global and has a hazy objective.
    Another difference between crime and terrorism is that in most cases of terrorism there is a government involved in the terrorist act.
    From another perspective terrorism refers to those acts that are designed to create fear and have a purported ideological goal. On the other hand a single attack for personal gain(s) of the perpetrator is called crime.
    From the stand point of the terrorists the damage and destruction caused by terrorism is prevailed over the important goods that are achieved by the terrorists.
    Terrorism is also distinguished from crime by the objective of terrorist to effect political changes by persuading a government or the people of a country through fear of harm.
    2. Compare and contrast crime and terrorism
    1. Terrorism has been used by political groups to further their objectives.
    2. Terrorism has been used by religious groups, revolutionary groups and governments.
    3. In terrorism there is violence or threat of violence;
    4. The attack is executed in a manner to create ...

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