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    Terrorism motivations and ideologies articles

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    Select 3 articles that describe, examine, or explain ideologies and motivations of terrorist organizations. You may select any article from a scholarly source.

    Assignment Guidelines
    In 100-150 words each, describe what each of the 3 articles is about. Then, summarize their findings.
    In what ways ( be specific) is the content from the 3 articles relevant to the following factors: (100-150 words)

    Comprehension of the event
    Potential for manageability
    Level of internal meaningfulness
    Sense of coherence

    Explain which of the readings would be of the most use to you as a homeland security officer intervening in and monitoring a terrorist attack? Be specific and substantive in your thoughts, ideas and conclusions. (100-150 words)
    All sources must be referenced using APA style.

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    I have outlined three articles and given a few ideas for the different factors. I also began some ideas for the usefulness of the articles. You should add your own knowledge and experience to the sections and also provide your own conclusions about the value of the articles. If you have any other questions or need clarification, please ask.

    Fink, P. J. (2005) Exploring Terrorists' Motivations. Clinical psychiatry news. 33(10), 19

    This short, powerful article defines a lot of the issues that are debated in the ideology of terrorism. Terrorism is a word used frequently to apply to the other side when violence includes bystanders, especially when the attackers "felt justified in killing children, the elderly, and innocent civilians" (page 1). As pointed out here, the bombings of Japanese cities at the end of World War II were justified as being a tool to end the great war. However, many people not involved were killed. Terrorism is a term defined, but other issues within the acts are not. For some, innocent bystanders are nothing more than collateral damage. Rational in action, another focus, shows they are rational in the sense they thought they promoted their self-interest. They were also reasonable, at least to themselves. Reason is again, in the eye of the beholder.

    This article is excellent for use by the homeland security personnel. It puts perspective in the terrorist point of view as well as the definition of others. It seeks to offer reasons of rationality, reason, and purpose for the acts of "terrorists." Humiliation, revenge, abuse, neglect are all reasons and all may be clues to the ...

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