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War & Terrorism

In a few paragraphs, discuss what attitudes and ideologies legitimate wars and terrorism.

What steps could be taken to diminish the possibility of war and terrorist acts?

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The attitudes and ideologies that make wars and terrorism are important. I believe it all comes down to religious beliefs, stubbornness, protecting their kind, and making sure that people can have an opportunity to get involved in the movement in order to achieve their cause. These are the things that drive a person to heinous acts against mankind, and make it where it is difficult for others to survive due to others getting hurt or injured on a regular basis. Currently, in the Middle East, this is what drives them to make these poor decisions, which makes the governments and the world to get involved on a regular basis. They come across strong in their beliefs, which makes others want to stay away from them or take part in their cause. Many of them ...

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This solution discussed what attitudes and ideologies deal with war and terrorism, and what steps need taken to diminish the possiblity of war and terrorist acts.