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Women's Involvement in Terrorism

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Include citations and references where necessary - these should be in APA format.
Every reaction paper should have citations and references in APA format.
The reaction paper should be more than a summary of the readings - it should also include your reaction or response to the readings. It is appropriate to use first person ("I") in a reaction paper.

Weinberg, L., & Eubank, W. (2011). Women's Involvement in Terrorism. Gender Issues, 28(1-2), 22-49.

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Women's involvement in terrorism is analyzed in the solution.

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Women and terrorism is a taboo subject because of the notion in society that women aren't capable of the violent behavior and depravity that men engage in. Therefore, women who engage in barbarity and violence with the explicit purpose of terrorizing their victims are a recent phenomenon or is it? According to this article it isn't something that is new but has been the norm throughout history. Women have participated in terroristic activity since the beginning of the term being coined with women playing roles from the nineteenth century Russian People's Will to the current wave of suicide bombings carried out by the Chechen Black Widows and the Tamil Tiger's Birds of Paradise.

This reaction paper analyzes how women have been able to play a significant role in terrorism and the impact this has had on society per se. Women as terrorists serve as a viable alternative to male terrorists because of their ability to blend in and go unnoticed in regards to the threat assessment posed by women in society's view. This is true in all societies as women are seen as the "fairer" sex with less violent tendencies than men and in Western countries such as America women rarely have served on the front lines of violent war conflicts. Therefore, the notion that women have less violent tendencies than men allows for women who are terrorist to break through the barrier of protection more easily and infiltrate the place that they are attempting to attack.
There exist many variables for why women may choose ...

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