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    Tina Fey Comedy review Paper help

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    I need help starting my paper the points I need to cover are:

    Explain how one of the major theories would view Tina Feys comedy act.

    A brief synopsis of Tina's act and an explanation of the events based on the feminine perspective.

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    Dear Student,

    Hello and thank you for using Brainmass. I understand how this can be a little difficult to approach as a topic. What can make it manageable and on target though is to narrow down what you will discuss because you cannot cover the entire feminist canon as well as the entire comedic performances of the artist, Tina fey. This means focusing on a particular performance and applying feminist theories for the analysis of that performance. Consider, for example, Tina Fey's impersonation of Sarah Palin on this particular SNL video from an October 2008 SNL episode:


    Now, since we have that particular Tina Fey comedy for analysis, let us now focus on the feminist theory. as you know, the feminism canon is broad, very broad. I have no clear idea of the theorists you study in your class so I cannot be sure as to the ones you should pick. For me however, I would stick to the general feminist theories in sociology as their principles are readily applicable to the video above. I would suggest the following:

    1. Postmodern feminism - this theory of feminism sees feminism as a social construct. The main theorist for this is Judith Butler through her 1990 Book 'Gender Trouble'. Drawing from criticisms of Foucault and Lacan, she arrives at the conclusion that gender is a social construct - meaning we as human beings via discourse create the meaning of what is male and female and their meanings. For her, being a woman and what a woman is depends on culture and discourse. so, for example, the problem of female subordination does not have one cause alone but is a product of a number of reasons therefore it does not have a single solution. Now, how do we apply this to the video above? Watch it again and note down the kind of message Tina fey presents. Is she dumbing down Palin? Is she disempowering Palin? Is ...

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    The solution provides advise on how to put together a paper reviewing the comedy act of Tina Fey via major feminist theories/perspectives. Discussion of the 3 main feminist perspectives is included wherein each is concisely explained and is followed by a discussion of how each will view Tina Fey's comedy. These 3 feminine theories/perspectives are: Postmodern feminism, Liberal Feminism and Cultural Feminism. Additionally, a suggested paper outline is included. A list of online and print resources that can be used for the topic are also listed.