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Language Produciton

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What are the stages of language production? Which one of these stages is the most crucial? Why?

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(1) What are the stages of language production?

Theories are stated to differ on the process of language production; however, it is generally agreed that language is produced in stages. For instance, a word is produced from two levels, one involving selecting concepts needed to form a word (the lemma level), and the phonological level where the word is retrieved (Haskell, & MacDonald, 2005). According to Haskell and MacDonald, these stages are applied both to the production of a word and a sentence, although sentence production is more complex. As they explain, the production of a sentence involves a representation of constituents (i.e., grammar, syntax, words, etc) that make up the sentence structure. To produce the sentence, speakers encode the relationships between the constituents (i.e., grammar, syntax, etc.) and their order in the sentence. Haskell and MacDonald consider and discuss two views: (a) two-step approach, ...

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