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Linear Operators

Your companym Camel Electronics has developed a new USB memory device that uses a copyrighted, secret silicon compound that you invented. The 640 gigabyte model uses 0.125kg of the compound and the 1 Terabyte model uses 0.4. Over the next production cycle, only 80 kg of the compound are available to the manufacturing division of the company.

Each 640 Gb model uses 10 minutes of manufacturing time, and each 1Tb model uses 12 minutes of manufacturing time. The profit contributions are $10 for each 640 gb model and $15 for each 1Tb model.

Management has specified that 20% of the total production must be the 640 Gb model, 40 hours of manufacturing time are available each week, and the produciton cycle is 2 weeks long. Because of the unusually high demand for the new type of memory stroage device, you can sell all that you make.

1. How many memory devices of each type should be manufactured?

2. What is the maximization formula?

3. List all the constraints

4. Create a diagram visually showing your constraints and the optimal solution.

5. A solution of 80 640 Gb models and 320 1Tb models would satisfy the requirement that 20% of the production run is the 640 GB model. Is this solution workable? If not, why not?

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